Locksmith Las Vegas Goldstar Services

Goldstar Locksmith Las Vegas is your locksmith of choice in the whole of Las Vegas. Whether you are locked out or locked in,  We have highly qualified locksmiths who can take care of any problem related to locks. We are licenced to provide locks and locksmith services for:

  • All types of vehicles.fast Locksmith las vegas
  • Residential premises.
  • Commercial premises.
  • Industrial premises.
  • Safes

Your need may be as simple as key-cutting or as complicated as installation of a new locking system. As long as your need is related to locks, locking systems and keys, call Goldstar Locksmith Las Vegas. We also provide key replacement services, peephole installations and more.

Our domain of expertise includes doors, windows, advanced security systems, basic access control, biometrics, intercom installations. Some of the services that we provide when you call us are;

 Locksmith Las Vegas Services

  • Opening of locked doors
  • Cutting of keys
  • Supply and installation of safes
  • Supply and fitment of all locks
  • Electric and magnetic lock installations
  • Master-keyed systems
  • High security patented key controls
  • Coin-operated locks and access control
  • Automatic opening and closing doors
  • Time delay units fitted to safes
  • Vehicles locks supplied and fitted
  • Copying of remote transmitters
  • Moving and rigging of heavy machinery, safes and equipment

You can order when it suits you to make changes to your locks or when there is an emergency. Either way we will treat your needs as a top priority.


We are licensed to provide locksmith services in the whole of Las Vegas.


Locksmith is an important aspect of everyday life. Keys break, keys get lost, transponders are lost, keys get stuck in locks, transponders stop working, locks are damaged by burglars and locks can simply jam. This happens to real people daily. When this happens, you need fast and reliable services.

Goldstar Locksmith will rush to your rescue and make sure you have quick access to your vehicle or premises. Our fast and reliable services ensure that your precious family is safe and your property is well protected.


Goldstar Locksmith Las Vegas boasts the availability of highly qualified and experienced locksmiths. We train our locksmiths in customer service and efficiency to make sure that you are satisfied and you are safe.

We have knowledge and experience in all types of locks and locking systems. We are efficient and we can give you advice should we believe that you need security improvements.

Due to our innovative techniques, we provide the best locksmith services in the industry.

Emergency Services

Any day, any time, Goldstar Locksmith Las Vegas will answer your call. And we will come to you wherever you are, fast. Being a caring company, we are well-prepared for any emergency at any time of the day or night.

Whether there is a problem with your car lock or an issue in the electronic locking system of homes or offices, we are always ready and well-equipped with our lock and security arrangements. We reach the site of the client promptly and accomplish the task accurately and swiftly.

Locked out of your house or your car? Call Goldstar Locksmiths Las Vegas. We will send a highly qualified locksmith to sort out your problem.

Auto Locksmith Las VegasAutomotive Locksmith Services

Goldstar Locksmith Las Vegas provides 24/7 vehicle unlock services. Whether you’re locked out of your vehicle, or just need a spare key, give Goldstar Locksmith Las Vegas a call day or night and we will send a trained locksmith to you. Read more...

residential Locksmith Las VegasResidential Premises

If you want us to assess the adequacy of your locking system, call us. We will quickly review your systems and give you advice as to the best way to secure your home.

Do you want to cut more keys? Come to our offices. Are your locks damaged or is your key stuck in the lock? Call Goldstar Locksmith Las Vegas and we will be there to help you. Satisfaction guaranteed. Read more…..

commercial Locksmith Las VegasIndustrial and Commercial Premises

Industrial and commercial espionage is real. Competitors are always on the prowl trying to steal information and product secrets. Obviously you want to protect your information and industrial secrets. You also want to protect your products from thieves. You want important documents and cash safely locked away in safes.

Call us if you are worried about the adequacy of your locking system. We will provide you with a quick assessment and advise you where you need improvement. Read more…


Goldstar Locksmith Las Vegas has a wide variety of locks, safes, locksmiths service, the most technologically advanced cutting machinery and equipment.

We are affiliated with major vehicle and locking system brand names. These brands are tried and tested and they stand behind their products. Therefore we can safely guarantee satisfaction in the quality of our products. Read more….


Locksmith Las VegasGoldstar Locksmith Las Vegas is synonymous with excellent service, varied merchandise and strong, committed well trained staff. We believe in delivering quick and high quality service by delivering:

  • High quality products.
  • Delivery within the specified time frames.
  • Quick response to all calls, 24/7.
  • Extensive training of our technicians and locksmiths, both technically and in customer care.
  • Technical support on all products and services rendered.

Our locksmiths provide excellent services because they are highly trained and they have years of experience in the industry. They are also trained in efficiency and customer care. We are confident of the quality of service we provide our clients.

If you would like to find out more about our locksmith services in Las Vegas, contact us.


Our reputation as the ‘go-to place’ for keys, remote control devices and general locksmith expertise, is the key to our success.

We value, above anything else, the relationship that we have built with our clients. The largest portion of our business can be attributed to referrals and returned customers. Therefore we value our customers and we do everything we can to make sure they are satisfied.

With customer service at the core of our dealings, we strive to meet and exceed client expectations.


Beyond any monetary benefits, our first and foremost aim is to preserve the trust we enjoy by ensuring premium quality services at reasonable prices. We do not come up with unpredictable and unfair charges, yet we deliver what we promise. For us success is measured in terms of customer satisfaction.